The most important thing we let our clients know is the location of our hotel: just in front of San Isidro Park, where everything is close: Banks, restaurants, bus stops (from San José 2 blocks away from here and 3 blocks towards the beaches).

San Isidro Park has been remodeled recently and for that reason now it looks very nice. Another attractive is the restaurant (now called Marenco´s, but everybody knows it as Chirripo Restaurant). This restaurant has a terrace towards the street, and is the ideal place to sit down and admire the park, the mountains surrounding this beautiful valley, and mostly see the environment of a rural town from Costa Rica and mostly admire it beautiful women.

The Hotel has a wide and safe parking lot with security guard the whole night. Also, in the same hotel building there is a real estate office and legal services, a souvenirs store, and a travel agency and tourism.

Most of the time we have counters that speak English (only free days of these we have people that don’t).

The Hotel has a lot of history in San Isidro, was founded in 1970, so now it has 40 years of existence, and is a reference point for every habitant of this city.

All of the rooms have fan and cable TV, and wireless Internet, but there are some differences between rooms.


San Isidro Pérez Zeledón, San José Costa Rica.